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NEXT-fit™ is much more than just equipment
As a NEXT-fit™ professional you'll have access to:

  • Consultations with other fit professionals
  • 48 hour custom bike drawings
  • Access to a complete bicycle technical support staff
Ever get stuck with a difficult fitting problem? You've worked with a client several times but you can't seem to solve his/her problem? Even the most experienced bicycle fitter gets into this situation once and a while. Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to another professional bike fitter about the situation and maybe get a fresh perspective? As a NEXT-fit™ professional now you can. Our fitting experience spans decades and has involved just about every fit situation. NEXT-fit™ professionals can contact us by phone during business hours, and email anytime.
Your Numbers In Motion
Do you have clients that would like a frame built exactly to the fit numbers that you've worked so hard to arrive at? As a NEXT-fit™ professional you can provide those clients with that opportunity. Our Trillium line is our flagship custom line of bicycle frames, and we will make it easy for you to spec an sell them yourself. You can also enlist our help if necessary in determining the best parts specifications for your clients new complete bike.
48 Hour Custom Bike Drawings
Do you have clients that want to see their bike on paper before its built? If your client is purchasing a custom frame (from you or someone else) and they want you to spec it, we can provide you with a drawing, incorporating your fitting numbers within 48 hours of receiving the numbers from you. It adds an extra layer of professionalism when you can sit down with your customer and review the drawing before their frame is built. Click here to see a PDF sample of a bike drawing.
A Complete Technical Support Staff
Ever wonder which Campagnolo rear derailleur will shift a 32 tooth cog? Does Campagnolo even make a 32 tooth cog? Do I have to spec an Ultegra rear derailleur if I'm using an Ultegra front derailleur? Maybe you don't wonder these things, but I'm betting your customers might. Many bicycle fitting professionals don't want to sell custom bikes because they don't know all of these answers. We are R+E Cycles, and we know the ins and outs of custom bikes. As a NEXT-fit™ professional you are joining our team of bicycle professionals who know the answers to just about any bike question. The beauty is that you can consult with us at any time.

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