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NEXT-fit™ Adjustable Fit Bike

Our 2007 NEXT-fit™ bike is designed for accuracy, ease of operation, and extreme durability. It is designed for the professional who will use it several times per day and cannot afford to have it break down. It incorporates methods of adjustment that you would see on a heavy duty milling machine instead of a bicycle. It's made from heavy duty stainless steel, and uses all industrial grade parts. All fit adjustments are made with the turn of a handle while the rider is pedaling the bike. Now, reproducing the 'previous' position is as easy as turning a handle and can be done while your client is still riding and warmed up. See a sample NEXT-fit™ session.

- Click on thumbnails for close-ups of the new NEXT-fit™ Bike -

A Blast From the Past! - View the old NEXT-fit™ Bike (Now in our museum)