NEXT-fit™ Software

Our software is written by the same people who perform the bicycle fittings. It is compatible with Macintosh OS 7.1 and up, as well as Windows. We have developed our NEXT-fit™ software using the data of over 12,000 clients (yes, you did read that correctly) that we have worked with extensively. Since 1983, we've been computerized, and collecting data on our clients. This is one of the largest collections of its kind and represents more than just data. It represents personal relationships with our customers spanning years and even decades, with immediate feedback from those customers. Since we worked with each client, and in many cases built their bicycle for them, we are the place they come to for answers if something isn't comfortable. These relationships and the continuous feedback they provide allow us to hone our fitting techniques and influence our bicycle sizing methods. The cycle rolls on and the evolution of software continues to reflect our experience.

On screen numbers that NEXT-fit™ produces

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